Sunday, December 4, 2016

A new pair of high heels that every woman wants hits the style industry

Manolo Blank once said, "You put #high heels on and you change." That’s why heels have a special place in the hearts of most women. With high heels on the female leg has a better shape and the look empowers women as they look more elegant.

Great news - shoes with changeable heels

Heels can be categorised as flat, stiletto, cone, pump and more. Different types of heels with varying heights bring different visual impressions to people. Therefore, a company has designed a collection of shoes with five interchangeable heel heights. You can change from stiletto to flat in seconds without changing the shoes!

All in one interchangeable footwear

Mime Et Moi, a Germany company, has launched the Kickstarter project this year. This is wonderful news for women as it comes with one shoe and five different heel options. The one-shoe-five heel footwear will come in a variety of colours and will cost around 150-230 Pounds. Customers will be able to choose different types of the heels (block, stiletto and flat) with different heights. Choosing what kind of heels to be worn just depends on your mood!

The official website of Mime Et Moi provides the instructions of the interchangeable one-shoe-five-heel. All you need to do is just pull the trigger of the shoe and take away the heel. Then close the trigger and replace with a new heel. You just need to step on the back and it’s done!

Different types of heels suit different occasions. That's why women spend time choosing their style of high heels. Not only should they feel comfortable with the heels, but they also need to suit the event they are attending. Stilettos are the favourite heels for the up-and-coming. As the stiletto is the highest, it also produces the best leg shape. Wearing the block heel is good for going to balls or parties. Dancing with the block is more enjoyable. The flat is the best heel height for going to the park on a date!

Portable, new, stylish and practical shoes for women

The one-shoe-five-heel suits all the women, especially beginners. When women first wear high heels, they tend to find them uncomfortable and hard to wear for a long time. However, if they need to attend special occasions with heels. the interchangeable shoe is a perfect choice! What’s more, these heels are so portable that they can be packed into a clutch bag!

The news that these combo shoes have hit the market is probably going to be welcomed by women across the world. Women and instant choices about shoes have long been a dream the #Fashion houses have failed to deliver.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

An expert explains exactly how heels are messing up our feet

However glorious wearing heels makes us feel, we can all admit they hurt our feet like hell.

While we might begin a night out with a ‘no pain no gain’ mentality, by the end we’re hobbling to get from our cab to our front door – and this is if we’re not pressured to wear them all day at work too.

So it’s barely surprising that they’re messing up our feet.

But how, precisely? We asked Highgate-based podiatrist Emma Lincoln to break it to us.

‘High heels can certainly damage the feet if worn daily and for long periods of time,’ she told

‘Pointy high heels will significantly increase the pressure on the balls of the feet and squeeze toes together.’

Yep, we’ve all dealt with this pain before. But the issue goes beyond that of just grinning and bearing it, as Emma says that it can lead to far more serious issues such as ‘nerve pain, corns and blisters’.

And the scariest-sounding consequence? ‘Damage to the foot structure’, including bunions – deformity of the base joint of the big toe – and hammer toes; a toe that’s bent permanently downwards.

Which she says can only be corrected with ‘surgical intervention’.

And for those of us that swear by a chunky, well structured heel, we were right – they are better for us, as Emma says that the shape of a shoe does make a big difference.

‘Wearing a very thin stiletto heel will increase the chances of ankle sprains and other soft tissue injuries, as well as alter your posture which can lead to knee and lower back pain,’ Emma explains.

‘Thicker and lower heels will make the foot more stable, and put less pressure on the ball of the foot.’

But if you insist on wearing heels Emma suggests at least inserting silicone pads onto them or wrapping silicone plasters around your heels and toes to reduce friction.

And, of course, always bring a pair of flats with you so that you can change into your heels at the last minute.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

How to find the perfect pair of high heels that don't hurt your feet

A top podiatrist has revealed a three-step formula to find a pair of heels that won't leave you in agony.

Choosing the perfect shoe that won't give you blisters all comes down to the shape of your feet.

Consultant podiatrist Emma Supple says that some women are built to wear them skyscraper-high, while others will suffer after mere moments in the lowest of heights.

To work out which category you fit into, Emma says there's a three-step formula to calculate your perfect heel height (PHH) in a matter of minutes.

According to Emma, the measurement is based on the flexibility of a curved bone that connects the foot and the leg.

She told the Daily Mail: “If the talus tilts downwards when you are holding your leg out straight and relaxing your foot, then you have a lot of mobility and can wear high heels with ease.”

While this is good news for those with a flexible talus, other women just aren’t cut out for wearing them and there’s nothing they can do about it.

So how do you measure your PHH?

1) Take off your shoes, sit down and hold one leg straight out in front of you keeping your foot relaxed. If your foot sits at a right angle to your leg without dangling then you have less mobility and will be more comfortable in a pair of flats. However, if the top of your foot follows the line of your leg then you are a natural heel wearer.

2) You’ll need a friend for this next part. To find your ideal heel height, get someone to place a tape measure from your heel in a straight line on the floor, then place a pencil at the ball of your foot at right angles to the tape.

3) Wherever the tape measure hits the pencil reveals your PHH.

Thanks to this simple formula you can now feel a whole lot smarter about your footwear purchases, and wave goodbye to a multitude of high heel horrors.